# RHCore Developer Guide


This documentation is a work in progress.

RHCore is a web framework and collection of APIs for building applications for OpenText Content Server. It is packed with great features that can be used as the foundation of your application.

RHCore abstracts and simplifies many common patterns in OpenText Content Server development. What often requires multiple lines of code can be reduced to a few. Some examples include:

  • accessing, manipulating, and querying core data types (i.e., documents, folders, users, groups, categories & attributes, workflows, etc.);
  • creating custom database tables (with an automatically generated API for CRUD operations);
  • rendering a web page with dynamic content and a consistent look;
  • creating forms with user-friendly validation;
  • widgets (tabbed content, autocomplete user search, date picker, etc.);
  • displaying notifications (e.g., "Your document has completed processing.");
  • sending an e-mail;
  • data traversal;
  • and much more.

Many RHCore features can also be used from the Content Server web interface. This is useful for creating one-off solutions or small applications or utilities that do not warrant its own module.

RHCore is compatible with Content Server v10.0 or later.

Want to know more? Check out the Overview Page.

Last Updated: 5/20/2019, 11:42:35 AM