# Installation & Configuration

RHCore installs like any other Content Server module:

  • unzip rhcore_a_b_c.zip into the staging/ directory;
  • browse to the ?func=admin.InstallModule administration page;
  • check the box next to "Red House - Core Libraries";
  • click Install; and
  • follow the on-screen instructions.

RHCore does not install table schemas at installation time. However, enabling some options in RHCore/Simplates may require a schema to be installed.

# Configuration

RHCore adds a Red House - Core Library Settings & Information section to the admin.index pages with four sections:

# Module Settings

Provides a toggle for the "Developer Toolbar", which should only be enabled in a development environment. The toolbar is added to the header of each page and provides some useful links to the developer.

# Module Registry

Modules that depend on RHCore can provide additional information about itself (e.g., verbose description, author, build date, etc.), which is displayed on this page.

Last Updated: 3/22/2019, 9:00:38 PM