# FileWriter

Inherits from: RHObject

# Class Methods

# Inherited methods

ErrorAssoc OKAssoc

# Destructor

function Void Destructor()

# Overrides:

Destructor in class RHObject

# New

function Dynamic New(String filePath, String mode=File.AppendMode)

Create a new FileWriter. Once a file is opened it can be written to with the .write() method. The file is automatically closed once the frame is deallocated.

# Overrides:

New in class RHObject

# Parameters
  • filePath - The full path to the file. Any intermediate directories will be automatically created.

  • mode - The mode for writing. Either File.AppendMode or File.WriteMode.

# Returns
  • A frame if the file could be opened for writing. Undefined otherwise.

# NewSubclass

function Void NewSubclass()

# Instance Methods

# Property Methods

Property methods can be accessed with the valueForKey method.

classidentifier classname clone elapsedtime errorassoc hash identityhashcode iterator methods okassoc propertymethods serialize string

# Inherited methods

assert cacheMethod cacheValueForKey callSuper checkError class classIdentifier className clone deserialize dict endTrans hash identityHashCode isAccessorMethod isCached isInstanceOf isProperty isPropertyMethod iterator methods pluck prepareForReuse propertyMethods removeFromCache reset resetCache resetSubclass respondsTo serialize setCacheValueForKey setValueForKey setValueForKeyPath setValues startTrans string super valueForKey valueForKeyPath

# close

function Void close()

# elapsedTime

function Integer elapsedTime()

# flush

function Assoc flush()

# write

function Frame write(Dynamic t1=Undefined, Dynamic t2=Undefined, Dynamic t3=Undefined, Dynamic t4=Undefined, Dynamic t5=Undefined, Dynamic t6=Undefined, Dynamic t7=Undefined, Dynamic t8=Undefined, Dynamic t9=Undefined)

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