# RHWrapper

Inherits from: RHObject

# Class Methods

# Inherited methods

Destructor ErrorAssoc New OKAssoc

# Instance Methods

# Property Methods

Property methods can be accessed with the valueForKey method.

classidentifier classname clone errorassoc hash identityhashcode iterator methods okassoc propertymethods serialize string

# Inherited methods

assert cacheMethod cacheValueForKey callSuper checkError class classIdentifier className clone deserialize dict endTrans hash identityHashCode isAccessorMethod isCached isInstanceOf isProperty isPropertyMethod iterator methods pluck prepareForReuse propertyMethods removeFromCache reset resetCache resetSubclass respondsTo serialize setCacheValueForKey setValues startTrans string super valueForKey valueForKeyPath

# isPropertyRelated

function Boolean isRelatedProperty(String key)

# primitiveValueForKey

function Dynamic primitiveValueForKey(String key, Dynamic defaultValue=Undefined)

This method returns the raw value (i.e., a value from the Record for this node type). It's called by valueForKey() if an accessor method or non script feature is found on the object with the given key.

# resolveRelatedProperty

function Dynamic resolveRelatedProperty(String key, Dynamic defaultValue=Undefined)

# setValueForKey

function Void setValueForKey(Dynamic value, String key)

# Overrides:

setValueForKey in class RHObject

# setValueForKeyPath

function Void setValueForKeyPath(List keyPath, Dynamic value)

This method does nothing in RHWrapper.

# Overrides:

setValueForKeyPath in class RHObject

# touch

function Assoc touch()

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